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Italian Culture, the official publication of the American Association for Italian Studies. Its interdisciplinary scope reflects the broad and diverse interests of the Association's members, offering subscribers scholarly articles in Italian language, linguistics, history, literature, cinema, politics, philosophy, folklore, popular culture, migration, and the influence of Italy on other cultures. It also includes articles in comparative literature and cultural studies.

Since 2003, Italian Culture's content has run the gamut of Italian literature from "the Origins" through the Renaissance and Vico, to queer studies, feminist writing, ekphrasis, and postcolonial women's writing.

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Scope and Highlights

Editorial board member Professor Charles Klopp talks to us about the varied scope of the journal


Articles of interest
The recent retrodigitisation of this journal has enabled us to give you access to articles the editor believes best display the quality and scope of the journal spanning from 2003 to 2013. There were so many to choose from that we have decided to select those that fall into the four most popular topics that we feel also help show the wide and varied scope of the journal. These are Medieval, Renaissance, Film, and Queer studies.

To access all of the articles below free until the 15th May simply fill out the quick form in the far right column.


Re-reading the Phoenix: An Interpretation of Cino da Pistoia's “Infra gli altri diffetti del libello”
Volume 21, 2003 , pp. 1-17(17)

Notes on the Presence of Boccaccio in Cristoforo Landino's Comento sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri
Volume 23, 2005 , pp. 1-30(30)

Screening the Past: Shifting Desire in the Vita Nuova
Volume 26, 2008 , pp. 1-20(20)

Dante's Introduction to the United States as Investigated in Matthew Pearl's The Dante Club
Volume 26, 2008 , pp. 85-103(19)

"Ego tanquam centrum circuli:” La Vita nuova, percorso di reminiscenza e psicocosmogramma
Volume 27, Number 1, March 2009 , pp. 5-23(19)

Golden Age Themes in Dante's "Tre donne intorno al cor"
Volume 29, Number 2, September 2011 , pp. 95-106(12)

Old Lady Avignon: Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta 136 and the Topos of Vituperium in Vetulam
Volume 30, Number 2, September 2012 , pp. 97-106(10)

La “poetica imitazione”: L'esperienza teatrale di Ariosto tra esercizio dei classici e sperimentazione drammaturgica
Volume 21, 2003 , pp. 19-44(26)

• On Love, the Devil, the Clergy, and Chastity during the Renaissance Witch Craze
Volume 21, 2003 , pp. 45-78(34)

Pastoral Constraints, Textual and Dramatic Strategies: Isabella Andreini's La Mirtilla and Torquato Tasso's Aminta
Volume 22, 2004 , pp. 1-19(19)

Limmaginazione è senso interno”. Figuratività e “pensiero sensibile” nel Re Torrismondo di Torquato Tasso
Volume 24 and 25, 2006-2007 , pp. 1-21(21)

Sacra Rappresentazione e Autorappresentazione nel Giovanni e Paolo di Lorenzo il Magnifico
Volume 26, 2008 , pp. 21-33(13)

• Prometheus, Jonah, Christ: Tommaso Campanella's Self-Representational Models in His Philosophical Poetry
Volume 26, 2008 , pp. 35-55(21)

Castiglione vs. Cicero: Political Engagement, or Effeminate Chatter?
Volume 27, Number 2, September 2009 , pp. 81-98(18)

• Voicing a Gendered Ethnicity: Tarantella's Cinematic Re-presentation of Umbertina
Volume 21, 2003 , pp. 133-148(16)

Il mito di Alcesti in Alberto Savinio e Corrado Alvaro
Volume 22, 2004 , pp. 47-69(23)

Why Truth Matters: Ideology and Ethics in Bertolucci's The Spider's Stratagem
Volume 23, 2005 , pp. 71-96(26)

• La novità di Maciste alpino
Volume 27, Number 1, March 2009 , pp. 43-59(17)

Mediterraneo Interrupted: Perils and Potentials of Representing Italy's Occupations in Greece and Libya Through Film
Volume 27, Number 2, September 2009 , pp. 99-115(17)

Decelerating the Boom: Valerio Zurlini's La Ragazza con la Valigia (1961)
Volume 28, Number 1, March 2010 , pp. 38-49(12)
Inside the Beast's Cage: Gianni Amelio's Lamerica and the Dilemmas of Post-1989 Leftist Cinema
Volume 28, Number 1, March 2010 , pp. 50-67(18)

The World Outside the Window Antonioni's Architectonics of Space and Time
Volume 29, Number 1, March 2011 , pp. 37-51(15)

• The Intellectual Embodied in his Medium, or the Cinematic Passion of Pier Paolo Pasolini
Volume 29, Number 1, March 2011 , pp. 52-68(17)
Atto finale della commedia all'italiana: intervista a Mario Monicelli
Volume 29, Number 2, September 2011 , pp. 131-138(8)

Gender and Queer Studies

Can the Subaltem Speak? The Politics of Identity and Difference in Italian Postcolonial Women's Writing
Volume 22, 2004 , pp. 93-113(21)

Queer Casanova: Subversive Sexuality and the (Dis)embodied Subject in History of My Life
Volume 24 and 25, 2006-2007 , pp. 23-44(22)

For a Politics of the qendered Self: Armanda quiducci's Feminist Practices
Volume 24 and 25, 2006-2007 , pp. 63-89(27)

(En)gendering Testimonial Bodies of Evidence and Italian Antimafia Culture: Rita Atria
Volume 28, Number 1, March 2010 , pp. 21-37(17)

To access all of the articles below free until the 15th May simply fill out the quick form in the far right column.

Italian Culture: an essential resource

This video is a testimonial from Theodore Cachey and Joseph Buttigieg (Co-chairs of Italian studies at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)
They explain the appeal of Italian Culture to scholars in the field and also the vast variety of topics covered by the journal.



History of the Journal

The editor of Italian Culture talks to us about the journal's history and some of the many the reasons for its wide appeal.


Meet the Editor

Joe Francese

Joseph Francese is Professor at Michigan State University, Senior Editor of Italian Culture, Editor of “Studi di italianistica moderna e contemporanea nel mondo anglofono/Studies in Modern and Contemporary Italianistica in the Anglophonic World” (a monograph series published by Firenze University Press), and a member of the PMLA Advisory Committee. He is the author of forty articles and chapters on topics in Renaissance and contemporary literature, and has written books on Pasolini, postmodern narrative, Italian cultural politics in the 1950s, and the fictions of Eco, Consolo, and Tabucchi. His most recent book, Leonardo Sciascia e la funzione sociale degli intellettuali was published by Firenze University Press. He has edited three volumes of collected essays, the latest being Perspectives on Gramsci: Culture, Politics, and Social Theory. He is currently writing a monograph on Vincenzo Consolo and a book-length study of political engagement among twentieth- and twenty-first-century Italian intellectuals.


Introducing the Association:

The American Association of Italian Studies

The Association was founded over 30 years ago to help and encourage research in the field of Italian studies. Here, the president of the society, Carol Lazzaro-Weis talks to us about the society's past, present and future:



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Also of interest Legenda books in Italian studies

Leopardi’s Nymphs: Grace, Melancholy, and the Uncanny
Fabio A. Camilletti
Italian Perspectives 28   
November 2013

The Tradition of the Actor-Author in Italian Theatre
Edited by Donatella Fischer
Italian Perspectives 27   
August 2013

Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation
Matthew Reynolds
Studies In Comparative Literature 30   
August 2013

Holocaust Intersections: Genocide and Visual Culture at the New Millennium
Edited by Axel Bangert, Robert S. C. Gordon and Libby Saxton
Moving Image 4
June 2013

Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfilment
George Corbett
Italian Perspectives 25   
May 2013


Edoardo Sanguineti: Literature, Ideology and the Avant-Garde
Edited by Paolo Chirumbolo and John Picchione
Italian Perspectives 26   
May 2013

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